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The Birth Story of Tommy:
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A beautiful home water birth with 6 excited siblings supporting mama and waiting to meet their new little brother.

Tommy's Story
I was so excited to meet Ceianna at the first Empowering Fearless Birth event! I hadn’t seen her since we took classes together in college. She was expecting her 7th baby, and I was giddy with excitement when she invited me to her birth! On a beautiful spring morning, I got the call from Keith and excitedly drove through the night to their house. I love driving through the quiet of the night. I have time to think and prepare myself to enter the birth space. This next shot has to be one of my all time favorites. The audience of brother and sisters sat quietly while their mom worked through her labor. I couldn’t help but think of a veil between this life and the previous. Those on the other side saying “goodbye” for a time to this sweet little boy as he left for to earth and those on this side excitedly anticipating his arrival.

Between contractions, she would look up and kiss and love on her older kids. Her kids also tenderly touched their mama’s back and gently tickled her arms. It never ceases to amaze me how older siblings, no matter how young they are, always seem to recognize the significance and sacredness of the event.

Keith was an incredible support. He never left her side and seemed to be so in-tune with her needs that they barely noticed us (me and the two midwives).

When Tommy was ready, his big brother excitedly accepted the honor of cutting the cord! How lucky is this little guy to have a loving big brother to look out for him as he grows. I was so impressed with him (I’m sorry, I can’t remember his name). During the entire labor, he was either helping his dad support his mom or holding his younger siblings and helping them stay quiet in the birth room (and opening who knows how many cheese sticks for them as well). All of these siblings are so lucky to have him as their big brother.

Richelle’s assistant Kayte is the most gentle baby-examiner ever. She can get through pretty much the entire exam without the baby crying or even startling. And I love how she involves the older siblings in the exam. Here again, big brother has his calming hand on Tommy’s chest while Kayte does the exam.

I very very rarely get to hold the babies at births, but at this one, had I wanted to, I would have been behind 12 little hands all begging to hold him.

Ceianna and Keith, Thank you again for allowing me into your home and for allowing me to show your beautiful film at the birth film premiere. There wasn’t a dry eye! I can speak for the audience in thanking you for sharing with everyone. Also, thank you, Keith, for coming to the event and sitting on the daddy panel. You’re a wonderful example of how a dad can support during birth.
~Sarah, owner TOL