The Touch of Life

We want to make your birth a dream come true! Below is a list of our services.
Please contact us if you have any questions, and for pricing.

A Basic Touch of Life Birth Film Package Includes:

  • Pre-natal appointment in your home (Salt Lake to Payson).
  • Filmmaker on call 24/7 from 36 weeks till delivery.
  • Coverage-Up to 12 hours of coverage included (unlimited time, though each additional hour is $20**)
  • First Picture- A picture of your newborn posted on Facebook for sharing within 48 hours of delivery. $Free but must be requested
  • Finished film on DVD (1 DVD with full color cover. Film edited to 1 licensed song)
  • Blog entry on with photos, story and film
  • Original Footage- Complete Raw footage as bonus on film DVD
  • Photo stills- Up to 25 HD video stills taken from the film and raw footage

Film EXTRAS (optional add-ons to the basic service package)

  • DVD copies- Extra DVD copies $15
  • HD Files- Full resolution film and/or raw footage on memory stick
  • Rush Edit- Finished film delivered within 2 weeks of the birth.
  • Photo stills package- Up to 100 HD video stills taken from the film and raw footage
  • Photography- BASIC Photos of your labor and birth delivered on a CD. I take these photos while capturing video as a priority. I will have 2 cameras with me. Includes first family and infant pictures for posting within 48 hours to facebook and to email. Please note this is not a dedicated photographer.
  • Photography- DEDICATED A photographer will attend your birth along with the videographer. The services are complementary yet separate. Includes first family and infant pictures for posting within 48 hours to facebook and to email. Includes a high resolution CD.

Other Touch of Life SERVICES

First 48
Have me come (or return) to your home or hospital room to film the sweet moments of bonding. Have me film your baby meeting his/her siblings, grandparents, or just everyone caressing and enjoying your brand new baby. This is ideal if you are not interested in having the actual birth filmed but would like some incredible moments captured. Includes a 1 song film and up to 30 high resolution photo stills (mini-newborn session and meeting family) for use in birth announcements, facebook, or scrapbooking.

A professional doula will attend your birth. She’ll be professionally trained in the art of labor comfort measures and provide support for you. Includes prenatal appointment and birth services. Your choice of my favorite doulas. This rate is most likely lower than their rates as they have agreed to work with me and my clients at this rate.

Doula in training
A doula in training will attend your birth. She’ll be working towards her certification and will be trained in the art of labor comfort measures. Includes prenatal appointment and birth services.

Catering Services-Hospital
Did you know that the hospital “nutrition station” is only for you as the mother and consists of cheap little junk food snacks? The rest of your birth team (and you if you don’t like snacks) must seek food in the hospital cafeteria (bleh) or go out for fast food. Make sure everyone at your birth is energetic and fed and can stay with you at all times! Up to 40 different kinds of deluxe candy bars, granola bars, fresh fruits and nuts. With milk and juice (and soda if wanted) in a cooler. Paper products provided.

Catering Service-Home Birth
Food Services for Mom and birth team- Chocolate and donuts? Fresh granola, blueberries, fruits and a yogurt dipping sauce? We'll work with you on a menu to fit your cravings. We'll bring all the food and lay it out so that you and your family and birth team are well-fed during your labor. Your midwives will LOVE this! And you’ll enjoy the leftovers. Includes table cloth and paper products in your birth color.

Placenta Encapsulation
Placenta encapsulation by a certified specialist. Delivered to your home. (travel fees will apply if needed)

Belly Binding
Belly binding service in your home for 7 consecutive days after your birth. Additional travel costs may apply.

4 hour of housekeeping provided by my professional housekeeper. She will clean your home and kitchen after your birth so your home is nice and fresh! And if you prefer, she can come several days or weeks after the birth!

Linen Service (home birth)
We'll bring sheets, towels and washcloths for your labor and birth. When you're done, we'll take them all and launder them. No need to use your own linens or worry about having enough!

Baby Announcements
Designed by our graphic designer, Deborah. You get up to 20 copies printed on photo paper and delivered to you with pre-stamped envelopes. Just address and send! (Photos used will be from the birth or newborn session.) Full resolution file for additional printing $15.