The Touch of Life
Hi! My name is Sarah, and I have been a professional event videographer for 12 years. I am also a DONA trained doula! I love birth and I love the art of creating beautiful keepsakes for my clients! My first 2 children were born in the hospital, and my last 2 were born at home (watch my last home birth below). I want to help you create a beautiful memory of your baby’s birth. Also, at many births I have attended, there lacks a person who’s job it is to work behind the scenes to just make everyone is comfortable. You planned and coordinated your wedding so it would run smoothly. Why not do the same for your birth? Allow me and my team to make your birth dreams come true!

I can’t tell you what an honor it is for me to have you here on my site and to share with you something so close to my heart. I believe birth is sacred and probably one the most empowering moments in a woman’s life. Birth must be protected. Birthing women must be supported and loved during the entire journey- both during the labor and the weeks after. Notice I didn’t say “natural birth”.

No matter how a woman gives birth - in home, in a hospital with an epidural or by c-section, it needs to be a respected and fearless experience.

Since birth is not generally revered in our culture as the awesome experience it can be, many women need to see birth portrayed this way in order to change the stigma. Think Inception. :) Changing the way birth is treated by the healthcare industry won’t happen until women are confident and empowered enough to demand to be treated respectfully and gently during birth.

Watch my last home birth (password: love)