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The Birth Story of Rowan:
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Exactly 3 weeks after his cousin Beckham, Laura and Israel welcomed Rowan into their family. I love how most births seem to happen at night. I’m really starting to love driving through town in the middle of the night.

Rowan's Story
I arrived at 1:30 am to find Laura and Israel doing a beautiful dance in the family room. During a surge, they would hold each other and Laura would sway. If she ever started feeling overwhelmed, a small whisper from Israel would instantly melt the stress from her face (watch the video for several of these cool moments).

Laura moved upstairs to her room and the birth tub at about 2am. She relaxed right into the water. Laura was so focused and inward. She did not come “out” between surges to talk with us. She stayed very deep and peaceful. After each surge, though, she did tell us how that one had felt and then right before some of them, she’d say “this is going to be very big.” Her doula and mother and Israel never let a hand off her.

It was amazing to see Laura completely surrender to the powers of her body. She didn’t complain or scream in frustration or in desperation. She was focused and sent all her energy down. She kept saying “I don’t want to push! I just want to pant!” to which her midwife Roxanna would respond “Great! Listen to your body!” Roxanna was amazing. So calm, attentive and professional.

When Rowan crowned, Laura eased him out nice and slowly. The footage of her gathering him into her arms needs not explanation. Just pure bliss. :o)

One of my favorite parts was waking the boys. They jumped right out of bed to meet their new baby brother. And if you listen carefully, you can hear their super cute comments. (“He’s such a great nurser!” “We’re going to have a baby playdate, Wendy!”)

This little boy is truly welcome in this family.