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The Birth Story of Frederick:
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Frederick's birth was featured at the Fall 2014 Empowering Fearless Birth Event. Here is the introduction Rachel, Frederick's amazing mama, shared with the audience:

Divine Harmonies: Frederick’s Birth

Birth is the central focus moment of a labyrinthine journey. On my first birth journey the way out was one of darkness. Birth seemed a pain ridden mystery, one I did not ever want to repeat.

Healing itself can be painful, and healing from my daughter’s traumatic birth was more painful than anything I’ve felt before or since. Part of that healing was realizing how traumatized I had really been. There’s a baseline of comfort in saying, “Well I had no choice.” “It’s just how it was.” How much more painful to say, “I didn’t know better.” “I handed my responsibility to my care provider.” “I was traumatized.”

Learning that there were births that were empowered not powerless, Peaceful not painful was
difficult for me. Struggling to accept that I wanted that kind of experience, struggling to believe that I deserved that healing experience. When I finally reached the day when I was ready to have another child I prayed that this healing would come.

Thirty-six weeks later at my blessingway my sister-friends gifted me beads and charms associated with a single word each. Kinship. Turning. Reverence. Dancing. Grounding. Endurance. Galaxy. Spirit. Peace. These words, endowed with intention, were in every way prophetic.

In the days of anticipation leading up to the moment of labor starting, I had many conversations with the child within me. I had always felt so sure that this child was a boy, a boy named Frederick.

That night, the night of Mother’s Day, In my birth sanctuary, the sanctuary of my home I began my sacred work of labor. Each of the four elements were present. My blessingway prayer flags fluttered with the night breezes coming in the window. Candles glowed on the sill bringing fire. The birth tub, my water. And my salt bowl my earth.

Though I looked like an unkempt woman toiling in the blood, sweat, tears of the oldest work known to woman, inwardly in my laborland I felt like a priestess, a keeper of a divine heritage. I found my altar. I found my heart’s deepest song. I uttered my most heartfelt prayers. Those around me protected us through our ordeal. No one could do it for us, but they stood like angels all around me ready to lift me up.

Later, from the water, A little version of my voice sorrowfully says, “I can’t do this.” Then, raging up from my deepest places my powerful conscious voice says firmly, emphatically, “Yes, I Can. Yes I Can!” There were chuckles around me as my birth attendants all realized that even deep in the throes of labor I was my old stubborn self.

As the sun came up and I held my baby in my arms both peace and euphoria swept through me in waves as great as my labor. Though I had torn again, I had healed. Though I had labored through the night, I had rested. It was done. It was possible. That changed everything.

Frederick's Birth Story - Full Version